Locally owned and operated since 1977, Shipwreck Ltd. has offered the best in surf and beachwear from sun up to sun down! Carrying the latest in men's and women's apparel, accessories and footwear, Shipwreck is the Emerald Coast's best shopping destination for the whole family. From resort casual to a night on the town, we offer the perfect outfit for any occasion. In addition we have everything you need for a day at the beach from standup paddle boards to surf, skim and skateboards. We might have started as a T-shirt shop but we have expanded to a favorite one stop shop for locals and tourists all along the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

Shipwreck Ltd. is located across from Long Beach Resorts in between Coyote Ugly & the All American Diner. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best service and quality products for all your beach and water sport needs.




Jim is the captain of the ship we call Shipwreck LTD, also known as Shipwreck Mercantile. He started selling jewelry on the white sand beaches of Panama City Beach which lead to the beginning of his drive for retail. He began the Shipwreck enterprise in 1977, and over time it turned into a store with not one but two locations, one measuring over 43,000 square feet. He's the boss, and he's forever greeting both employees and customers with a smile. When he's not in the Front Beach location, he can be found either at the Carillon store, the beach, or some exotic/foreign destination.



Tessa is the second in command when it comes to most things Shipwreck LTD. She makes sure everyone and everything is running smoothly, as she should. She's kind of a jack of all trades: a buyer, marketer, photographer, manager, designer, and sales person. She knows her stuff so it's no surprise that she's often found giving advice and helping out her employees and her friends. She works hard everyday, whether she's buying clothes at the tradeshows or in Atlanta designing and networking. We love her because she's a bright spirit and we're happy to call her our boss lady. When she isn't around the office you can find her swimming with great whites in Africa, riding elephants in Thailand, or simply (and we think her favorite) laying on the beaches of Hawaii.



Raquel is the master of the upstairs office. She knows all sorts of things and can always be counted on to help out in the most important of situations. Ask her all your questions and she will have all the answers. She can often be found paying accounts and helping with invoices, but in moments of need she's happy to run down to the register to help out on a busy day. Raquel has been with Shipwreck for many years so it's no surprise that she's essential in keeping our team organized. Without her, we could not float. We could not swim. We could not exist without her organization skills and varied skill set...so we kind of aspire to be like her. When she isn't hanging with us at the shop you can find her down at the beach with her Yeti or at home cuddling her adorable cat Triscuit!



Georgia is our Ramblin Gamblin Accountant! She's has been with us since the beginning so she knows all the in and outs to this big Ship. Georgia controls the operations and business functions upstairs. She works with our Managers and staff to make sure things at Shipwreck are always running smoothly. Honestly we would be a sinking ship without her. (She also fully stocks the store with candy to keep us all on a happy sugar high!) When she isn't at the store you can most definitely find her slaying away at the casino in Biloxi!



SAS is our eCommerce Manager and our other Women's Buyer who now lives in England with her husband. Her initials spell her nickname, but she can definitely get a little sassy. SAS makes sure our web store is amazing and updated with all of our fun merch. She also helps with our insta, marketing, and any other company needs from afar. SAS loves to help however she can and will take on any task even if she has to learn a new skill. When SAS isn't in Florida, you can find her traveling across Europe, fine tuning her photography skills, cooking, or trying new wines.



Charlie is an awesome manager. He's also been with Shipwreck for like... ever and it's also no surprise that he kind of knows everything. He designs some really cool things and knows a lot about what's what in the Airbrush and Tee Shirt department, but I wouldn't put it past him to know the workings of our Boutique too. Everyone that calls basically calls for him, which makes us feel bad because he's eternally busy. Luckily, he's also eternally smiling, and he helps everybody with a smile. If you can't tell, we here at ShipwreckLTD like to smile. Charlie has the most adorable grandson so anytime he has off (which is basically none) he is with him!

Ms Ruby


Ms Ruby was and still is the heart of Shipwreck since she began working here many moons ago. Anyone who has worked for us for the past 20+ years or stepped into the doors of the store has been touched by Miss Ruby. If you were having the worst day ever she would be there with warm arms, a smile, and a bowl full of candy. She was the epitome of what a hard worker is. If we could've, she would of been our employee of the month, every month. No amount of words will ever be able to communicate how much she meant to all of us or even to describe how amazing of a woman she was. She was our family. Thank you Ruby for teaching us all that with a coca cola, some candy, and a whole lot of love; life is a sweet one. We love you Ms Ruby and you will forever be so so missed.